Academic Session 2019-2020

Dps Silchar under the humble support and supervision of Dps Society began its venture on 22nd April 2019 and has added to its laurel, a glorious continuation of another year 2020 through its revolutionary and unorthodox methodologies of pedagogy and progressive and growth inductive co-scholastic activities. The reigns of DPS Silchar has been held by an immensely experienced Principal, Madam Dolly Banerjee, who apart from being an accomplished administrator and academician, is also a farsighted visionary and under her innovative guidance, DPS Silchar has witnessed a steady and flourishing glory since its inception. DPS has a culture of promoting academic activities and learning outcomes through different techniques, methodologies and innovations. A child is prepared here to face the big world since his enrolment in the school. Dps Silchar preaches and professes the ideology of man being the most priceless asset on Earth, and hence serving others before individual concern has created its motto i.e., “ Service before self”. DPS Silchar in the same line believes that a child learns more values and humility in life if he could suss the plight and difficulties of the lives of the rest. Hence DPS Silchar took its students to a trip to Nivedita oldage home which is an abode to orphans as well as senior citizens. Students interacted with the orphans and distributed good amount of articles food items to clothes. The Principal and the management members also donated two ceiling fans to the organisation. The school has four main clubs viz., Liiterary club, Eco Club, Science Club and interact club. There are four houses viz., Chaucer House, Shakespeare House, Wordsworth House and Tagore House. The common motto of each house and club is to inculcate and enhance cognitive faculty and competitive zeal among students. Various Inter House competitions are organized by these clubs from time to time to bring out the innate talents of the students.The school at the beginning of the session conducted a skit on Earth Day in which the participants were the faculties themselves. The message delivered through the skit is to save nature and Earth from the atrocities inflicted by man. Our school always prioritizes good health of the students over any other condition. In this regard, the role of sports teacher transcends beyond estimation. But to cognize the students as to how they could evade perilous diseases by following few lifestyle habits, the school invites prominent personas on special events to sermonise the students on such issues. On the event of World Asthma Day , DPS Silchar invited Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty, to enlighten the students and the staff members on the perilous effects of asthma and the precautions one needs to take to prevent it. DPS Silchar believes that holistic development of a child is possible when he is exposed to the challenges that mankind is facing so that he becomes a thinker and a problem-solver. Hence DPS Silchar observed National Pollution Prevention Day to beware the learners of the jeopardy that looms over mankind in the form of pollution and why we should be worried about it. DPS Silchar always promotes the fact that learning from Nature is a boon and wealth that to be treasured forever. Hence, on the occasion of World Biodiversity Day , the school conducted a host of activities like i, Tree photo competition ii, Poster making competition iii. Speech competition etc. Students partook in these competitions with utmost fervour and displayed their aesthetic sense leaving everyone spellbound. Children are irreplaceable asset of a school and sincere contribution towards fostering them leads the nation entitled for every privilege. Hence, on the occasion of Children’s Day, the school showered its love on the children by arranging a programme in which teachers performed several activities including dance, songs,and skit etc. Urbanisation and modern values often lead children being insular of their own origin, cultural values and rich traditions. DPS Silchar here strikes the chord by balancing both traditional and modern values. On the occasion of Durga Puja, the school conducted a programme Mahishasur mardini in which both the teachers and the students showed their artistic and dramatic prowess thereby signifying the richness of Indian culture. The spirit of secularism is always embedded in the culture and manoeuvres of DPS Silchar. Hence at the end of 2019, the school celebrated Christmas Carnival with great pomp and show. The event witnessed footfalls of people from all the quarters and children who participated on variety of activities like dance, songs and skit thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The session 2019-2020 ended with a satisfactory and joyous note of academic brilliance that the students displayed indicating the sincere efforts of all the academic and non-academic staffers.