DPS Silchar is committed to nurturing our students so that they realize their inherent potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of inspiring, joyful and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of ‘Service Before Self’. Our aim is to prepare our children for life by:-"

Broadening their horizons so that their world encompasses the whole of mankind.
Deepening their thoughts so that their learning becomes the means to achieve that perfection of mind in which analytical reasoning goes hand in hand with logical conclusion.
Helping them incorporate the essential values of goodness, honesty, humility and discipline as an integral part of their being.
Guiding them to become contented individuals whose strength lies in their ability to face adversities without fear and overcome challenges with confidence.
Inculcating in them the sense of gender sensitivity so that they learn to treat everyone as equal and rise above the barriers of discrimination of any kind.


Our Vision is to mould our students into inquisitive, intelligent, skilled and empathetic individuals who would be future leaders and responsible global citizens.